Skirmish Mode is a mode in single player where you control 2 Heroes ( or 1 if Legendary ) to destroy your opponent's food stash .

How it WorksEdit

Units (Creeps)

Your food stash will spawn units in intervals to help you against the battle, and as the level of the food stash increases, stronger units will spawn. This is mostly the key to victory when it comes to destroying the opposing food stash.

Strategic Points

Strategic Points will appear all over the map , they first come as neutral points which will do nothing unless captured , simply move a hero to the radius of the strategic point to slowly capture it , when captured , you can build turrets that will help in defending . If 2 heroes of the same team walks into the radius , the capture rate is mich faster . Computer AI Heroes are usually found trying to capture the nearest strategic points at the start of the battle .

(Note that if two heroes of opposite teams enter the radius , the strategic points won't rise unless a hero moves out and the points also increase gold production)

Mercenary Camp

The mercenary camp allows you to spend gold to spawn in various types of units , the stronger the unit , the greater the cost of purchasing it , and it can sometimes be used as to waste god when you don't need it anymore .


Level 1

- Fleas (Army Flea, Flea Soldier)

- Grubs

- Gnats

Tactic - Swarming

Level 2

- Fleas

- Ants (Ant Warriors)

- Grubs

- Fireflies

- Flea Teams (Gunner, Mortar, as well as the Flea Lancer)

- Gnats

- Snails (smaller snails and siege snails, so no war snail here)

Tactic - Swarming

Level 3

- Hungry Bugs

Tactic - Try pushing the hungry bugs to the enemy's food stash to maximize its damage

Level 4

- Fungal Druid

- Gyrocopter Gunship

- Bumblebees

- Snails

- Slugs

- Centipede

- Dragonfly King

- Giant War Slug

Tactic - Stay behind cover and be very careful as most units are giant tanks

Level 5

- War Snail

- Giant War Slug

- Bumblebees ( Armored )

- Pack Roach

Tactic - Wait for victory, probably have a smoothie while doing so. Chatting is also recommended, yoga not advised.

(If mistakes were done, please help fix it and also if there are missing units, please help to add them.)