Emits a shielding bubble that blocks ranged fire and reduces melee damage taken by units inside.

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Cost 100 70 80 90 100
HP 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400
RoF Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast
Range Short Short Short Short Short
  • Range increases slightly when the turret is leveled up.

At level one it blocks 0% of enemy damage inside the shield, however blocks +20% every level after that. so at level 5 it will block 80% of enemies damage inside the shield

Example: a Centipede attacks you base with 100 damage, however you base has the shielder around it. Now that attack does only 20 damage (this blocks ALL types of damage and can protect your base: turrets; friendly bugs; yourself ; and the shielder its self

Also after the shielder is level 2 or more all enemy melee attacks cause them to take a knock back (the higher the level the more the knock back)

But here is the best part, if you have two shielder. One at least level 3 and the other level 4. the level 3 will block 40% enemy damage while the level 4 will bock 60%

Example: if a Centipede attacks you base for 1000 damage and you base if protected by these two turrents, the damage will be ruduced by 100% rounding up having you base only take 1 damage