The smallest of the three map's, this map has one solid road and minimal open spaces. It is the Multiplayer 1v1 map. It consists of an L-shaped table and a small square table connected by a cardboard bridge. This map is riddled with tons of obstacles, making it easy to take cover from enemy gunfire.


This map consists of two mercenary camps, one in the top right corner and one near the pile of cans and books in the bottom right corner. The food stash in single player mode is in the bottom left side of the map when looking at the wall. The other food stash is in the wall corner. In Multiplayer, there is another bridge that leads to the second mercenary camp.

Strategic outposts appear near the mercenary camp, the corner with the bridge, the left corner, and the corner near the mercenary camp. It's also possible to teleport between the wood table and the kitchen with skills with the same range as Ant's teleport skill.