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Ant Engineer:Edit


Hit Points Medium
Damage Low/Mid
Armor Piercing Low/Mid
Armor Low/Mid
Speed Medium


Although Ant has a cowardly personality, he is not to be underestimated. Ant may not be a front line bug but his abilities and range can not be compared. As his title mentions, he is the engineer, focusing on turrets and dealing damage afar while he stays back in the safely of the food stash, or he can be the support that provides shelter and armor. Although he might seem weak at first, but upgrading his weapon first will give you insane firing speed, which can greatly benefit from a stun scroll. The first item I would get for Ant is piercing shells.


Marker - ant's passive skill is extremely powerful with offensive towers, if you are playing ant as a support make sure to hit as many enemies as you can with your machine gun. Also you can visually see the mark, meaning even invisible units will be marked and allowing you to find them easily.

Shield Generator - An amazing skill that can save your life and the stash. This skill is great for knocking back the little bugs while shielding from even the most devastating ranged bugs such as the war snail and the siege cannon. Shield generator also blocks spider webs and slime goo, better use this ability before you get silenced!

Ant Engineering - Ant's most significant skill, giving him almost unlimited range. There are many ways to use this skill, you can use it with your shoulder turret, allowing you to travel safely from the little bugs or even a strong melee bug. You should consider using flash bulb turrets since this ability gives range by number and not percent, this means a flash bulb turret can hit a super long amount of range, wiping out most if not all the bugs on the map once you let the flash bulbs charge before giving it the range it lacks of. Also this ability can give shield turrets a much longer range, meaning it can absorb a whole lot of damage, plus the turrets get healed whenever you use this. I would definitely recommend upgrading this skill as much as you can first.

Teleport - this skill is great for escaping, collecting resources, and at earlier levels, lowering defence if you haven't gotten any armor penetration yet. It can also be used to stun bugs, giving you the time needed to kill those annoying creatures, especially the invincible hungry bug.

Craftsmen - Although this skill costs precious spare parts, it is well worth it, especially in survival modes when you can't do anything else with the spare parts.

Hero PairingEdit

Good Hero PairsEdit

Fly, Termite, Pillbug, Black widow

Bad Hero PairsEdit

Stinkbug, Bumblebee

Aphid Sensei:Edit

Army Ant Captain:Edit

Stats: (Sorry, IDK how to work the Infobox templates)

Max Hp: 235

Damage: 15

Armor Piercing: 0

Light Armor: 30

Heavy Armor: 10


Classified as a Crowd Control and a Support, Army Ant is the bridge between Beetle and Moth, both dishing out large amounts of crowd control and supporting allies in the heat of battle. Army Ant is great for wiping out large hordes of Fleas or Ants that nip at your poor Pillbug, or further boosting the potential of Honeybee's grand army with his Inspiring Banner. He can play well as a tank too, sustaining with Lead the Charge or bringing the hammer down with Honor Smash. Army Ant is made as your go-to Support and Crowd Control, and thank the Man Gods if you get him as one of your first picks.


Passive: Inspire: Inspire isnt very reliable at earlier levels, but once you level up his masteries, he gains a better chance to heal and gets a stronger heal. It can sustain a team of heroes or a horde of creeps, so it is a main part of Army Ant's support role.

Inspiring Banner: Army Ant's Inspiring Banner can make the difference between life or death in a fight, since placing it down grants healing and damage to anyone around it. Placing it down can greatly change the tide of battle, and flip the tables of the enemy team. Max this ability alongside Honor Smash or Lead the Charge, depending on how you play Army Ant.

Lead the Charge: Definantly one of Army Ant's most important moves. Army Ant buffs his speed and takes less damage during Lead the Charge. Any poor enemy that meets Army Ant's Tenderizer personally also contributes to Army Ant's allies, healing them and giving them armor for a few seconds, so maxing this first is advisable.

Honor Smash: Army Ant's most useful Armor Slaying, Queen Ant killing, Bane of Slugs, Killer of Snails, and Nightmare of other Heroes tool, Honor Smash is a Beetle Shockwave and a support move built into one. Honor Smash hits very hard, and shouldnt be underestimated. While it has a large cooldown, it is still a useful tool for breaking down lines of Slugs and Snails, so it is one of Army Ant's most important moves. Besides, if it had a short cooldown, that wouldnt be fair to anyone, right?

Calvary: Best used to defend your base, Army Ant summons an Elite Calvary to aid him in battle. While the Elite Calvary is great and all, it is easily taken down by Snails or Slugs, so its mostly used for defense.

Hero Pairings:


Honeybee: One of the deadliest pairings out there, the enemy team will start crying once they see a horde of Ants and Fleas spead towards their base with Army Ant leading the charge and Honeybee supporting. Honeybee gives Army Ant an army to support, putting the "Army", in Army Ant.

Moth: Moth can support Army Ant better than Army Ant can support himself. Sometimes, supports need support themselves. Moth doesnt fare well alone in combat, but thats remedied by Army Ant and his massive disrupting Tenderizer. Army Ant will most likely be the fighter of this pairing, while Moth will be there to patch him up.

Cicada: This pairing is useful if you just want to roam around with Cicada and have Army Ant sit at base and defend, While Army Ant wont be doing much, he can defend your base from pesky Dragonflies and Ants while Cicada roams and takes strategic positions, food, and spare parts with his stealth not letting him be seen.

Pillbug: Army Ant can skyrocket Pillbug's horde clearing, tank shredding potential with his Inspiring Banner. Pillbug also provides covering fire, well, ALL the fire that the two need to send Heroes running back to their base and decimate Slugs and Snails.

Bad: (Cant think of any since all the heroes I own are good with Army Ant. Add some yourself!)

Beetle Warrior:Edit

Bumblebee CockEdit

stats Hp:high/med


Light armor:low

Heavy armor:none


Armor piercing:med/high


The greastest brawler in the bug world-bumblebee. It is kill or get killed, bumblebee must destroy his enemies fast before they can actually harm him. He is my number one bug due to his devastating skills. He has a intimidating look but don't get fooled by those big, innocent eyes because he is capable of wipe out 2 heroes in less than 10 s. Thus dude has the highest health among the normal heroes(275) and that is mainly for his skills. I have always loved heroes that have toggle abilities and this bug has 2 (awesome) which will be discussed more in the section below. He is one the best melee fighters in the game, great damage, great armor piercing, super high speed. But bumblebee doesn't have any armor and take more damage when going berzerk or brawler so all this guy need is a boxer boots. BBee is already fast so this equipment makes he the fastest heroes in the game along with black widow and her spider boots. The best defence is not to be there so DODGE, since bumblebee cannot take much damage he must avoid them at all cost. He can kill a giant war slug in 5s but remember to dodge and going around your opponents to avoid their attacks, go around and hit to the side of a war snail is much better to confront it. Overall, bumblebee is a must buy bug.


Passive:charge attack makes a huge advantage at the early of a game and also very useful again tier 5 bugs. This is the reason that makes bumblebee so powerful, he can one hit most of orther normal heroes when charge attack is level 5 and maxed 5 sconds to fight toe to toe with a legendary.Inmagine one single punch deal up to 200 damage at the start of a game. Additional, this abillty is great for skirmish(hard or pvp) because it can destroy other bug heroes to lower the food in their food stash for respawning.

Berzerk: another destructive skill for the champ, it increases his damage, armor piercing but take more 50% damage so remember to toggle this skill in an effective way or it is going to kill you faster than your enemies.I personally recommend to max this skill first to handle with stronger bugs(maxed+50 damage and+80 ap).

Brawler:each hit will blast multiple enemies but also take more 50% damage so just keep in mind that this skill is just for horde of smaller bugs or siege bugs.Put only 2 or 3 skill points to this skill because the higher level the less damage taking and you dont really need to turn this power on very offen.

Survival instinct:in an ermergency situation like being overwhelmed by endless horde of fungus zombie, that is when this power saves the day. active this skill to deal even more damage for an escape, a rush into your opponent food stash, the less health you have the more damage you will deal. Just remember to use it in the right way and the right time.

Breaker punch: one of the best ability out there, using this skill right will 100% kill 2 normal heroes or a legendary because it stun, deal a huge amount of damage and MAKE YOUR OPPONENT CANNOT ATTACK FOR 10 S and with that priceless 10 s you can beat the hell out of a legendary(hunt them down slay them).Overall, it is just what it takes to dominate a skirmish match or just to kill a war snail. 

Hero pairing:

Moth:can heal bethazor after a heated battle.

Pillbug:provide great heavy covering fire and a good defence while bumblebee play the offensive part and roaming  around the map

Beetle:a great tank and crowd control for bumblebee to hit enemies while they are being stunned

Army ant: he can heal and take bumblebee damage to a whole new level with inspiring banner

Cicada Commando: Edit

Cicada is a hero made perfect for skirmish mode. His high damage shotgun will send enemy heroes running to the food stash, those invisible traps everywhere stun enemies in place, the stealth skill lets him sneak up to an enemy base without being fired upon by those dastardly turrets, and his time bombs can be devastating to any buildings within blast radius. However, that doesn't mean he isn't good for survival mode or other missions. Those traps along with turrets by your base will make great protection for when you go off to gather food and spare parts. It's a good idea to level this up early in the game and surround your base with traps. Best of all, they recharge pretty fast. When upgraded, his bullets penetrate armor. Combined with high damage, you can dispatch armor ants, snails, elite fleas, or other armored foes from a somewhat safe distance. If a group of enemies get in your face, just unleash the commando slash!

Good Hero Pairs:

Beetle: since Cicada's shotgun has no crowd control, and commando slash can take a while to recharge, Beetle would be a good ally to have by his side to make up for that weakness.

Aphid: mostly works for skirmish mode. Aphid's wisdom ability can increase Cicadas damage by a hefty amount, along with his self sacrafice. Not to mention his fast melee attacks will slice anyone who attacks Cicada as he is reloading.

Water bug: Remember: Cicada's traps will stun enemies that walk on them. Water bug's passive ability makes him deal increased damage to stunned foes. If you lay traps everywhere in an important area (say a strategis point) Waterbug will start killing much faster.

Army ant: along with crowd control, Army Ant has banners to greatly increase the damage of Cicada's gun. Another benefit to Army Ant is that the traps keep enemies in place, making it easier for elite cavalry to target.

Bad hero pairs:

Moth: Moth is better for support, but isn't a good fighter. So what happens when Cicada stealths leaving Moth as the only target for enemies? In pvp skirmish, her mana shield can render Cicada's stealth useless.

Crab Spider Shield Bearer:Edit

stats: Health high, Damage: Low, Armor Piercing: Low, Armor: High, Speed: Mid/terrible

Strategy: Crab spider, he's a kinda weird, but powerful bug when given attention. Crab spider is a cut and dry wall that's made to protect things, he's not made for fighting even if he has some combat potential. He's made to protect your second hero, and your base. He may not really kill things, but oh boy enemies will kill themselves trying to kill him! His strengths are in protecting just about anyone staying behind him (A distance away mind you due to glitches in projectiles). He is very effective towards ranged enemies as that shield can easily make them kill themselves if they aren't shooting from cover. Be cautious of area based attacks like the slugs slime, or lobbed projectiles like the mortar teams bombs. He also will have issues if swarmed and surrounded as that shield of his can only do so much, he doesn't have much means of dealing with swarms quickly.

His passive helps him deal with all attackers, and helps him hold the line. The two abilities you'll mainly use is Line Breaker, and Taunt. Line breaker has him bolster his defences, making almost every attack be worthless if they hit him in the front. Along with that, it synergies with his passive as projectiles will be more likely to be deflected, just be aware that he can't attack while using this, and can only turn 90 degrees. he also takes 50% more damage if he is attacked from behind to fleas and Gnats can really break him down. His taunt is also great for defence as it will make just about EVERY ENEMY suddenly hate his guts and seek him out to murder him. Its a toggle ability with a large radius he also takes a bit less damage from attacks. As if he wasn't good enough at defending, now, enemies HAVE to attack him. (Does not work in pvp.)

Good hero pairings:

Almost every ranged hero: No, I'm not kidding, this guy works great with almost every ranged hero. He acts as the ultimate cover.

Termite: while not the best scavenging team, Termite can use that Big shield to work with his turrets in peace. Just save a bit of scrap to build a shielder to defend against Mortar teams.

Bumble bee: These two work great, and allow bumble bee to keep both abilities toggled. And give him the peace to do cheesy and sneaky hit and run tactics with a nice clean charge up punch! He can also clean little pest off Crab spider with ease. These two are great together!

bad Hero pairings

Moth: So here's the exception for he rule that all ranged heros are good with CS. you may be thinking, "But sunny! she can make both of you never die!" True...but, who the heck are you gonna kill with this pairing. If you wanna go pure pacifist, be my guest, but these two supports working together? Not a good idea, besides, I prefer my bugs splatted.

WaterBug: It's tempted to put this crusty old pirate with CS, With CS's ability to stun melee attackers.'s not really worth it. All of waterbugs abilities involve moving around enemies, not something Crab spider wants. As they could end up behind him, Crab spider also doesn't really offer any real way to combo with water bug when he is holding up an enemy. Pirates aren't known to deal with shields, it's swords all the way

Fly Gunslinger:Edit


Hit Points Low Damage Heavy Armor Piercing Mid/Low Armor Low Speed High

Strategy Fly is an...interesting bug to use. He's fast and damaging, but has probably one of the worst defenses out of all the bugs. Being called the "gunslinger", he naturally has some unpredictable and random abilities that don't really synergize and aren't really reliable but if used right can become one of the deadliest offensive powerhouses in the game. His passive ability, Steal, allows you a chance to steal 25 gold after a killed enemy, which is pretty useful early game but after you've bought all the equipment you need it's useless. Now, let's go on and talk about the other four abilities. First is Quickdraw, which is arguably Fly's most powerful ability and is easily his most reliable way of dealing damage. It shoots a volley of four bullets that deal armor piercing damage, and at level five with weapons upgraded it can deal almost 1000 damage to a single enemy. Probably the best pure-damage ability in the game. Also, I'm pretty sure this ability doesn't miss. Next up is what Fly's most known for, the Gnat Banditoes. It allows you to summon a certain amount of ranged gnat fighters (for gold, of course) depending on the upgraded level, however, after the update Fly can only summon eight bandits at once, which is pretty underwhelming compared to other armies. Use this ability against siege waves, otherwise the gnats die too quickly. Third, we have the Gunfighter Tonic, which allows you to spend $50 to drink a tonic that buffs Fly's speed and damage by a certain amount for a certain amount of time. It's definitely useful for getting Fly out of tough situations, so do upgrade this ability. Lastly, we have Sky Salvo, which is an unreliable way of dishing out damage, however with luck it will do an ENORMOUS amount (over 800 I think at lv 5). Still, don't use this. It's not worth the risk. (Nope, this is incorrect, you can use Sky Salvo UNDER your target and it dish out tons of damage as the bullet shots up, but it have a really small range so most of the time you can only hit one target with shooting up, after it comes down it is all random.)

Fly also comes with a myriad of weapons and armor not seen on any other bug. His weapons come with a chance of auto-reloading, and his armor gives him a chance to dodge attacks. Pretty neat, huh? Anyway, Fly is a powerful offensive weapon, known for his damage dealing abilities. He can crowd control with his gnat bandits, and if you buy him the Needle Rounds equipment ad equip a piercing scroll, he can pierce a decent amount of armor as well. Overall, definitely worth buying if you're feeling ambitious and want to take missions to the next level with style. However, keep in mind his bad defensive stats. Good hero pairings: Beetle, Ladybug, Roach, Waterbug Bad hero pairings: Stinkbug, Slug, Worm

Honey Bee General:Edit


Attenshun! Alright maggots, listen to me and listen up good.. I'm General HB and I'm gonna teach you how to win war!

Passive:Leadership See this hat!? This hat has a star! And a star means I'm the leader! And when I'm around you maggots hit harder and die harder. It's good to flood the field with as many allied bugs as possible to build a real mean platoon. Combine ant hole and comrades to create a quick mass of bugs to seek out enemies to kill. Glory to the first bug to die!

Comrades: When I give the signal I want a squad of bugs front and centre! Summons some bugs to fight for you. The General's signature move that synergies perfectly with lesdership. Higher level spawns more bugs.

Ant Hole: Surprise! The ability to create an ant hole enables army ants to spawn behind enemy lines to take out bases or to serve as an extra defence for your base or a certain position. I recommend taking this skill as you first level up compared to comrades as ant hole has a chance to spawn a strong armored ant to give your initially small army some muscle.

Reckless Abandon: I said charge you cowards! Or I'll shoot you myself! This skill is a death charge to face elite bugs or a weakened base as it makes your army do alot of damage at the cost of their lives after the skill wears off.

No Retreat: If you shall not serve in combat, you shall serve on the firing line! Sometimes when you have a few fleas and ants to spare, you could pop this skill for an extra damage and speed boost for a short while. Useful but make sure you have many fleas as I feel sacrificing ants isn't worth the buff.

Combat: Out of almost all heroes, the general is one of my favourites to play. Armed with a sword and short-ranged medium-power single-shot pistol, HB is very versatile and works well either as a support or leading the charge with another ranged hero providing cover fire. With rather good speed, HB can strike few times quickly then dodging or run and gun around enemies with some fancy footwork and aim. HB's survival rating greatly increases with the number of allies you spawn. Giving you many opportunities to deal damage without being harmed. A stun or piercing scroll would further improve his combat prowess. I believe his combat style is truly boss and his skills make HB so deserving of his title.

Ladybug Fencer:Edit


Hit Points Mid/Low - Medium
Damage Mid/Low - Heavy
Armor Piercing Mid/Heavy
Armor Mid/Heavy - Heavy
Speed Mid/Low - High


Ladybug is a character that you will likely be using more of out of your 2 characters. Her abilities are what really what makes up for her low damage.  She is excellent in 1 to 1 combat. She can use Riposte to counter for heavy damage, as well as gain a speed and damage boost. Pinpoint is one of the best damage based abilities in the game, doing lots of damage as well as making the target take extra damage. Lunge can either focus on taking down an armored enemy or quickly dispatch of a group of smaller enemies. Engarde is focused on getting you close to an enemy that fires back at you. Her passive ability, Debilitate, be used for a great number of things. It is mainly used for taking down heavily armored units, but it can also slow the enemy down tremendously. She starts off slow, but you can upgrade her armor to increase her speed. This is very effective in keeping up with faster ally heroes. Her riposte ability further increases her speed. If your ally hero is slower, you can upgrade her equipment to include more damage or more damage resistance. It comes at the cost of lower speed, however. When combined with upgraded armor, she become a average speed-killing machine. Ladybug even has an AoE attack. She is a well-rounded hero.

Hero PairingEdit

Good Hero PairsEdit

Ant, Fly, Pillbug, Worm

Bad Hero PairsEdit

Roach, Termite, Cicada

'===Pillbug Gunner:===

Hit Points| Medium-Low|

Damage| Heavy|

Armor Piercing| Medium|

Armor| Medium|

Speed| 'Medium/Low|'

Strategy Contrary to the relatively poor stats given to Pillbug above, he is, in many eyes, the best ranged fighter out there. He has mediocre speed, armor, has an annoying spread when he fires, not the world's greatest armor piercing without the proper what gives? The thing is, Pillbug has amazing abilities and equipment that make him just the right ranged fighter for a lot of people. He has two abilities that allow him to fire armor piercing bullets and explosive rounds, which all do massive damage to even the thickest of enemies. And that's not where it ends. He has a piece of equipment called the shoulder cannon you can purchase for $2000, and one bullet on that does 50 armor piercing damage. Yes. 50. You read this right. That means you'll be killing a centipede in less than 20 seconds. It is absurdly powerful, especially when Pillbug is paired with heroes like Roach and Waterbug, who get rid of the fleas and gnats clinging on to him wearing away his health. He acts primarily as a base defender, but can eventually with enough love tank a few hits as well, as long as they're not overwhelmingly powerful. All in all, a deadly hero when used right. Despite all that, Pillbug does have his downsides. His speed and armor, like mentioned before, are at best mediocre, and that makes him an absolutely TERRIBLE roamer and explorer, especially since he can't attack while moving. This fact alone balances out his power by a lot, however, not many people will be using this guy for offense anyway. He is also vulnerable to all sorts of damage that a quicker ranged hero can dodge, like Fly Gunslinger or Cicada Commado, due to their higher speed and their ability to shoot on the run. Pillbug is outclassed offensively, but on defense he is an impregnable wall. His abilities mostly involve damage and tanking. The two types of bullets he shoots are extremely useful and should be upgraded to deal with tough situations, but Hardened Shell and Hunker Down are good for situations you know Pillbug won't handle well. The abilities have decent synergy, unlike Roach's (XD), but can be improved on. This gives Pillbug some strangely overwhelming power in certain situations , especially against armored bugs. Pillbug really does shine in fights with armored enemies due to his armor piercing ability and his shoulder cannon equipment.

Roach Knight:Edit

A brave warrior, a true trustworthy ally, and a glutton, he will stay by your side to the bitter end. He seems to have a great liking to tasty vittles. Why not? His abilities and stats are empowered by the good stuff. He's great for siege missions, as his passive ability will leave you with way more food than you will probably need. His feast ability grants him a lasting damage buff by eating nearby food. This will be vital in late game. The scurry ability gives him a speed boost that disappears after he attacks, but the attack will have a hefty boost. This is perfect for enemies that attack from afar like grub spider rangers, flea mortar teams, siege cannons, ant queens, ect. The hunger strike ability will take away a percentage of a group of enemies HP. Since Roach attacks kinda slowly, this can help out with high health foes he meets. Roach has some unique stats: he has high armor and high speed. This is useful for collecting food and spare parts late game, when the map is infested. A weakness of his is that he attacks slowly, and his weapon upgrades don't help like upgrades for other heroes. Luckily his speed will keep him from getting overwhelmed.

Good Hero Pairs:

Spider or Fly: they make good companions for Roach for the same reason: They move fast. This gives Roach a friend who will keep up with him and help collect what the enemies drop.

Aphid: Not just fast like Spider and Fly, but his abilities center on lowering his own health to empower others. His abilities will strengthen Roach's attack, and in return some of that food Roach finds can go to healing Aphid.

Worm: Worm helps out by disrupting crowds, giving Roach the opportunity to strike them while at they're at low health. Plus, worm regenerates fast. Now more food can go to strengthen Roach.

Bad Hero Pairs:

Lady Bug: Pairing Lady and Roach together is like dipping a Hershys bar into melted chocolate: You're just adding one thing onto another that doesnt make much of a difference. Roach's stats are almost perfectly identical to Lady Bug's. Choose a hero who is different and you will have more strategies to deal with what stands between you and victory.

Slug Electrician:Edit

Need a ranged bug with high dps AND armor piercing? Well Slug is the guy you want with your team! He may come off as useless when you first use him, but with a little getting used to, and the right partner, you will find that he isn't all that bad. His gun is quite special. Rather than shoot standard bullets or explosives, his gun fires a steady beam of electricity. It can pierce any amount of enemies, as long as they are all within the beam. It does small doses of damage, but does it insanity fast. When upgraded, you can deal with a group of fleas like never before. However, this gun has two vital weaknesses: one, it overheats fast and you will have to stop attacking from time to time. Two, it can't hurt enemies that are right in slugs face. Slug is pretty slow, so unless it's a snail you can't back up to shoot at whatever is assaulting you. This weakness makes slug a better companion rather than who you control. His abilities are not my favorite, but they prove useful at times. The electric fence can make destroying high health enemies and buildings a snap, and a barrier for siege bugs who get too close to the Stash. The over charge ability is good for zapping foes far away you can't afford to get up close to.

Good hero pairs:

Crab Spider: while enemies are trying to get past his line breaker ability, slug can help out and fry the melee bugs that congregate in front of the defender. Plus when you play as slug, Crab Spider will save you some health by seating away anything fast enough to get really up close.

Beetle or Army Ant: slug can always use a partner with up close crowd control. Plus their knock back gives slug more time to get damage into foes when they are knocked down.

Moth: Slug is going to take damage from fast enemies and overcharging, so have Moth come along and have one less problem to worry about. Her disruption also gives enemies a harder time to get up close to slug.

Bad hero pairs:

Stink Bug:unless the all your opponents are armored, don't bother pairing up these two. They both focus on armor pierce, giving a little lack in diversity. Slugs fast dps makes Stink Bug's poison rebuff useless. And when they come to an armored adversary, you only need one of these two to win. It's best to bring a character who possesses different strengths.

Lady Bug: like Stink Bug, she has good armor piercing already. Not to mention her passive ability can remove armor. Do yourself a favor, and don't pair these two. They just add to each others strengths, which is already good enough alone. Pair them with heroes that fulfill their weaknesses. Doing this will yield a much stronger pair.

Stinkbug Chemical Expert:Edit

General stats: Hp: Medium, Damage: Good, not great, Range: Average-great, Armor Peircing: MAX, Armor: Medium-Strong, speed: Lacking

If there was ever a hero I feel does not get enough credit in bug heros, it would go to stinkbug. But to those who wanna bring him as one of your 2 heros, he'll get the job done. Already when you pick him, you see something almost every hero wished they have, 100 armour peircing, already you can tell this guy is an armour killer, and that's his main thing, every one of his attacks will bypass all armour. His main gun is kinda weak but has perks in the fact that it has stink bugs passive attached to every shot. In which any enemy hit by his poisonus blobs will become poisoned, and have their health drained over time, not only that but they are slowed. His gun can fire a fair amount of shots before I has to "cool down" simialir to Moths, Slugs, and Stickattacks. Which is the weakest part of the gun, the range can also be increased by buying gun upgrades. Already, we can cover that stinkbug is a bug made to take down single enemies, by poisoning and slowing their movement, as well as the fact that they have no defence against his attacks. What Stinkbug is weak in is dealing with groups of enemies, even if he has the tools to deal with them, they are not instant solutions, besides one. Be wary when surrounded, your only solutions besides one will take a bit to do work.

onto abilities. Poison shells is EASILY stinkbugs best ability, activation will buff his bullets do deal more damage, knock back enemies, and leave clouds of poison that will also inflict enemies with poison, on top of that! It increases his range while active! Activate this, and fire away! His 2nd best ability is cyanide blast, aka: The centipede killer. This fires a very special glob of poison, when it hits an enemy, they will receive a special kind of poison, one that over the course of 15 seconds, CARVE AWAY 50% OF THEIR REMAING HP. This ability is devastating to tier 5 enemies and should be fired at any big guy you see! Next is Toxic ooze, good for approaching enemies that are coming to your position, and it's basically a slugs poison blob, enough said. Lastly....we have poison bomb, this ability is very situational, basically it will set a bomb on you that after a bit will explode poisoning everything around you and knocking everything away, problem: it takes to long to be affective in a pinch and needs pre-planning to make work. I wouldnt waste level points trying to upgrade this.

Good hero pairs:

Beetle or Army ant: these two are tanky to compliment Stinkbugs own armour, and can clean off groups of enemies away from our poison expert, which one you choose depends on wether you wanna be more defencive or offensive.

Aphid: Aphid works well as Stinkbug is beefy enough to cover him, and the poison debuffs allow him to easily dance around the now slower enemies, easily giving him the Safety net he needs to slice everything to bits.

crab spider: Stinkbug is a ranged hero, enough said.

Bad hero pairings:

Lady bug and Roach: these guys are only really bad with Stinkbug due to the sake of redundancy, they are all great single killers.. but not much else, and you will REALLY struggle with groups, your best going with other heros

Termite Builder:Edit


Hit Points Medium
Damage Low-Medium
Armor Piercing Low
Armor Low-Medium
Speed Average


Despite his seemingly underwhelming stats shown above, Termite is a force to be reckoned with. His turrets are mediocre at first, but as you upgrade them, you will realize their usefulness. Gunner Turret and easily sweep crowds, because unlike the one at the food stash, they deal huge damage, fully upgraded they deal 20+ damage per shot and fire 4-5 time a second. For heavily armored enemies, Heavy Turret is your best friend. At 40+ damage per hit and really high AP, any fearsome Slug or Snail is already taken care of. And the best is that all turrets are portable, allowing you to create defensive position to hold your own near, or away, or anything in between from home. Workmanship raises their might to amazing levels, and Junk Smash is very effective in gathering extra SP for resources. Overall, a very powerful defender. Downsides? low damage, little to no AP and slow movement with little HP.

(Tinker has an annoying screen shake. The screen keeps shaking with every hit, bad for those with blurred eye-sight and may cause headaches.)

-Titanoftrampolines (talk) 00:46, August 27, 2014 (UTC)

Waterbug Pirate:Edit

Worm Gernadier:Edit


Hitpoint: Low

Damage: Very Heavy

Armor Piercing: Standard

Armor: Medium-Heavy(With armor upgrades)

Speed: Medium-Low


He is very explosive ranged character with all different risky attacks, his grenade launcher which has pretty good CC allows him able suppress large mobs easily and keeps him away from melee baddies. He's a quailfied roamer with proper armor upgrades, but lacks the speed and it's very dangerous when trapped by the enimies. Offensively he is great, with sitcky bombs(Long CD but great in PvP and taking on really tough enimies); when it's fully maxed it can easily dish out thousands of damge in an large area under its 20s duration. Bomlets(Short CD) allows him to take on an army of bugs in split second or even lock down most heroes from medium range. Kam*&%*, perhaps the most cheesy and worm's most significant skill(It has really short CD and does tremendous damage when maxed out); it triggers in 2 second when at level 5, the skill is useful and versatile to worm's great enimies like some fearsome melee fighters. Burrow bombs, another nasty skill for the win. The bomb that worm leaves when dig into selected spot is not the point, the skill increases worm's survivabilty by so much because it has only 15s CD; that means worm can teleport through the map like ant every 15 secs while leaving huge blasts on the map if u would like to upgrade it more. Other stuffs like autoloader and claymore mines really transfer worm into a bloody warrior. In conclusion, worm is a character that requires a experienced player; all of his skills are not extremely OP, but however they are all really useful and allows him to continously deal crazy damage on the map. Be sure to consistantly check the space between worm and the enemy though, or he will die really quickly.

Garden Beetle Defender:

*Garden Beetle Defender:Edit

  • Garden Beetle is only available in Tower Defense Mode.


Field Mouse Legendary Ranger:Edit

-------- Stats -------

Damage - Decent ( Spread ) ( Rapid Fire )

Speed - Fast

Armor - Low

Hit Points - High

Armor Piercing - Low ( Rapid Fire makes up for it )

Support - Decent

---- About it ----

Seriously , just because he gets stuck in mouse traps everytime , doesn't mean that he's not worth the buy . Holding a rapid fire MLG , mouse is the fastest shooter in BH2 . He is famous for his soldier abilities , such as calling in an Air Strike , which holds the power to destroy anything , depending on how well - trained the pilot is . He is also able to secure positions , which can either buff up his already so awesome ranged attack or give out sweet smelling bug perfume that any enemy inside the positions will nott attack at all , which is useful for those slugs , as those cause a lot of trouble , and they smell , like a LOT . Just like soldiers , mouse can call in backup at times when he needs them , summoning flea commandos , those fleas have powerful ranged capabilities . But they take a really long time at the sick bay , which makes the cooldown so slow . Really though , once you see him coming , just run .

Goliath Stickbug Legendary Shaman:Edit

-------- Stats --------

Damage - Decent ( AOE )

Speed - Low

Armor - Almost None

Hit Points - Decent

Armor Piercing - Low

Support - Extremely High

---- About it ----

Having dwelled in Fungus Magic , the Goliath Stickbug is a force to be reckoned with . Not to be understimated by his thinness , Goliath Stickbug is your personal Fungal Druid , well of course not being too overpowered , it definitely won't raise Fungus Zombies all the time a unit dies , it has a CHANCE for the unit to become Fungus Zombies . But that's not it , along with AOE Damage , it can summon the power of two elements , Ice and Lightning , both with a highly supportive use , as the ice can give temporary armor to your units . It also has the ability to grow mushrooms like any Fungal Druid does . But instead of damaging , it heals , strengthens and makes you run real fast . Which , if you eat a lot at once , will make you one shot almost anything . The last skill ( Although first in the game ) is the totem , possibly one of the most important ability as it will summon Fungus Zombies time by time , even if no units died , it also buffs up nearby allies . So if you want to be a Fungus Druid , and you want to flood the entire screen ( They have bug caps now , ok ? ) with Fungus Zombies , the Goliath Stickbug is your choice ( and possibly the only ) .

Hamster Legendary Bruiser:Edit

-------- Stats --------

Damage - Extremely High

Speed - Low

Armor - Low

Hit Point - High

Armor Piercing - Decent

---- About it ----

First of all , before I begin his strategy , don't blame the fact that Hamster just crushes every bug in his way . Blame the Man Gods for having brought the wrong hamster to their house ! Anyway , Hamster is just like Mantis , able to dish out high damage , but not as sneaky . He can deal a lot of damage to a group of enemies , with a skill version of it , he is also able to throw a bug ( Small ones ) into a certain direction , any other bugs hit by that bug is also hit , with the cooldown depending on the health of the bug ( Imagine if you threw a giant centipede ( Which you can't ) and the cooldown is like 6 minutes ? ) , he is also able to freeze enemies in place with F.E.A.R and they will also take more damage . And for the last skill .... have you ever seen a Miley Cyrus Hamster ? No ? Well there ya go , Hamster can ( Possibly ) become invincible , gain extra speed , and damage anyone that touches him which makes its kinda overpowered , cuz you can just push someone to the edge of the map and deal a lot of damage to it . Just saying ... he looks kinda cute .


This guide is from ultimatebumblebee,ok

Hamster Legendary Bruiser

Damage-highest in the game(60-999 trust me)



HP-highest in the game(max 5303 at level 21)

----Stradegy and informations----

The best of the best, Hamster with right equipments is a monster. The proplem of a dps hero is that he cannot defend himself to dish out more damage, and to a tank hero, high hp but the damage is so damn low...Now, that is when Hamster comes in, he can rush through the thickest line of enemies and crush everythings in his cute,big eyes. Some people complaints about how he lose his health too fast, well, i had the same proplem before but after using the right scrolls along with his passive ability, he cant die(really, he just cant). I will tell u about my build for the scroll in the section below. All of hamster strength come from his abilty to dish out great damage to enemies and his untold amount of health. For example, when every other heroes shivering and trying to take a cover, or running away from a war snail, Hamster will just rush to the snail and kill it in a couple seconds. Remember his passive skill, the more he fights the stronger he gets so the damage will be so damn high(999) if he keep fighting or getting hit, he will be unstopable(i know someone will worry about his health but i am not even talk about the scrolls,yet). Btw, he is the only hero can carry 4 piece of food or spare parts at the same time, and also the only one who can kill a pillbug(when it rolls into a ball) by throwing it OUT of the map(insane,right? just tap the area near a ledge then the thrown enemy will be fall out of the map). His speed will be really slow in my build but it suits perfectly in a small map like kitchen, i know u guys hate fighting in the kitchen cuz there is no where to hide and run but it is quite the other way around for hamster, small area means he doesnt have to run much and all he have to do is just way for enemies to come and then slaughter them with his devastating attacks.


Passive:battle frenzy, at level 5: whenever hamster is in combat(getting hit or hit a bug in 5 seconds), he gets +6% damage per second. Now, inmagine 3 minutes of nonstop fighting and hamster will have like 999 damage per second, he has 2 basic attacks, one is a left uppercut which knock every bugs in an arc in front of him and the second is 2 strike to an enemy that deal x2 damage.

Hamster uppercut: knock other bugs into the air and when they fall down,it will do additional damge. Do this to a horde of fleas or ants will help u a lot cuz they are small and can be knocked up to cause additional damage to bigger bugs which cant be knocked.

Hamster throw: throw an enemy in a line, causing damage in its path, u cant throw large bugs cuz the cooldown of this ability is based on the thrown unit max health. This skill is reallly useful when u want to instantly kill a bug by just throwing it out of the map or when u want to damage a line of enemies. Btw, this ability makes hamster a real badass,too

Fear: nearby enemies frozen in fear for a cople of seconds and take additional damage, i always use this skill when a warsnail appears cuz it will buff his already high damage and save some of his health.

Wrecking ball:hamster become immune to all attacks and get speed boost but cannot attack. Now, some of u think this is a great skill but with my build, it will only be useful to roam around and gather goods or just a rush to enemies food stash.

Equipments and Scrolls:

Health amulet:+35% hp

Serrated edge: +50 amor piercing since he got 0 armor piercing

Health scroll of the broken foot:+35% health but decrease 15% speed

Speed scroll:+15% speed

Vampiric scroll of the weakened soul:have a 15% to steal health from enemies but take 15% more damage

Vampiric scroll:a 8% to steal health from enemies

Vampiric scroll of the broken foot:a 15% to steal health from enemies but decrease speed by 15%

The main purose of this build is to focuz on keeping hamster alive so he can deal more damage and absorb all kinds of attacks. With this build, i have defeated 3 giant war slug and a war snail at the same time. the highest hp i have regenarated is about 1700 which shocked me(and probably you,too) hamster can now heal himself so he can keep fighting=>more damage=>more hp regenarated....He will be a terror on the battlefield, the only proplem is that he will move very slow but kitchen is a small map and his wrecking ball ability will help him, too. That is,hope u guys find my guide helpful.

Praying Mantis Legendary Hunter:Edit

-------- Stats --------

Damage - Extremely High

Speed - Decent

Armor - Low

Hit Point - Decent

Armor - Low

Armor Piercing - High

---- About it ----

If you see him coming , its too late . One of the best assassin in the game , Mantis is meant to be used for extremely high damage and stealth . It is the final bug in every mode except for TD . Able to stealth himself and dishing out high damage , it will make your enemies cower in fear , of course , the downside is that it is extremely hard to get and its attack are MOSTLY made for single assassination . Nevertheless , a great bug .

Tarantula Legendary Scientist:Edit

Toy Robot Legendary Gunner:Edit

-------- Stats --------

Damage - Decent

Speed - Slow

Armor - High

Hit Point - High

Armor Piercing - Decent

---- About it ----

Having put back the batteries inside Toy Robot , the creation of the Man God themselves shall now be feared again ! To show you his gratitude for the batteries , the Toy Robot is here to help you against the fight , with High - Tech powers , he can shoot out a widespread of plasma blasts , dealing high damage . It can also convert food to spare parts , cuz , you know , he is a robot , he can also start bursting out electrical currents which will deal like tons of damage . And finally , the last skill , but first , lemme ask ya a question , what happens if Plasma + Plasma ? Explosive Plasma ( and exploded brain ) ! At the risk of health , Toy Robot's shots become explosive , dealing a lot of damage . So .... , anyone wanna face this terror ?

Strategies & Tactics: Bug Heroes Tag Team Edit

With Bug Heroes 2 Tag Team System, there are countless combinations possible; each pairing like no other.

On its own, each Bug Hero has its own unique focused playstyle; looking at the base of 19 non-Legendary Bug Heroes, below are Duos with an uniquely higher synergy, complimenting both strengths and weakness, and are paired with a focus on a specific expertise, offering an exquisite experience.

A fore warning, the Pairs below are by far for advanced play; and there are considerations to fully realize the latent synergy...

Ant Engineer & Termite BuilderEdit

Specialty: Turret
Considerations: Ant Engineer: Speed Scroll of the Broken Sword, Stun Scroll of the Broken Sword, Poison Scroll of the Broken Sword, Piercing Scroll of the Broken Foot.

Termite Builder: Turret Ammo, Speed Scroll, Ally Scroll of the Broken Foot, Ally Scroll of the Broken Sword.

Upgrades: Turrets: Self Repair Lv1, Defense: Regeneration Lv2, Utility: Adept Lv3

Turret: Flash Bulb

  • Ant Engineer is an capable explorer with its Static Armor, Shield Generator and Teleport.
  • Ant Engineer can move in with Shield Generator activated, escorting Termite Builder for a quick and dirty demolition task with Termite Builder Junk Smash that hits hard at enemy Strategic Location or Food Stash, or to setup a forward outpost with relative safety; and its Passive Marker increases Termite Builder's custom Turrets' effectiveness.
  • With Teleport, Ant Engineer easily gets out of harm's way, or intercepts attacks on a besieged ally in a flash and bestows armor with Craftsman for a hasty retreat.
  • Spare Parts for Termite Builder is to build fast turning rapid firing Gunner Turret and slow turning armor piercing Heavy Turret; or to advance Food Stack Tier quickly to access higher tier creeps earlier than the Enemy.
  • Offensively, constructing custom Turret on enemy parameter to cover ground before moving in to capture and hold more ground with custom Turrets crossfire; what seems to be harmless out-of-range custom Turrets can quickly transformed into formidable gun batteries with the Duo's repertoire of turret enhancements, flooding the battlefield in a sea of projectiles. Do note Termite Builder custom Turrets do not auto-target structures.
  • Workmanship improves the protective radius of Turret: Shielder.
Base Supremacy. Termite Builder cheap custom turrets complement the limited range of Turret: Light Bulb, meanwhile preparing a battery of fully charged Turret: Light Bulb for Ant Engineer's Ant Engineering, further amplified with Termite Builder's Workmanship to easily devastate the entire map... essentially an 'Nuke'... this seemingly feeble pair is capable of bringing forth augmented firepower of the Base Turrets to the face of any unfortunate foe. "Safe Ground" is only an illusion for whatever stands against this humble Duo.

Army Ant Captain & Honey Bee GeneralEdit

Specialty: Creep
Considerations: Army Ant Captain: Armor Scroll of the Broken Foot, Shield Scroll of the Broken Foot, Magic Scroll of the Broken Foot, Cleric Scroll of the Broken Foot.

Honey Bee General: Magic Scroll of the Broken Sword, Magic Scroll of the Broken Foot, Cleric Scroll of the Broken Sword, Cleric Scroll of the Broken Foot.

Upgrades: Utility: Barter Lv3, Utility: Adept Lv3, Defense: Plated Armor Lv3, Defense: Melee Warrior Defense Lv3

Turret: Bug Banner

Mercenary Camp: Packer Ant, Firepower, War Snail

  • Honey Bee General Ant Hole is good in the early game and for map control; Comrades creep Tier scales when Comrades skill level matches Food Stack level.
  • Honey Bee General Reckless Abandon works well against higher tier enemy creeps; when damage goes beyond 125 damage.
  • Honey Bee General No Retreat provides a powerful buff and makes rooms for higher level Comrades.
Creep Commanders. Leading an army of bugs, Army Ant Captain fronts the creep army with Lead the Charge, laying down Inspiring Banner to ensure all are in healthy fighting status while Honey Bee General at the back is ready to execute Reckless Abandon and ordering No Retreat when things go awry. This Pair has no time to sit easy at the back of their base playing chess...

Worm Grenadier & Pillbug GunnerEdit

Specialty: Firepower
Considerations: Worm Grenadier: Auto Loader, Piercing Scroll of the Broken Foot, Stun Scroll of the Broken Foot, Stun Scroll.

Pillbug Gunner: Shoulder Cannon, Poison Scroll of the Broken Foot, Vampiric Scroll of the Broken Foot, Vampiric Scroll.

Upgrades: Turrent: Barrage Lv3, Defense: Ranged Warrior Defense Lv3, Offense: Iron Sights Lv3

Turret: Firecracker

  • Pillbug Gunner with both Explosive Shells and Piercing Rounds activated sets up chained explosive reactions.
  • Pillbug Gunner with Hardened Shell activated is a good bait for Worm Grenadier arsenal of explosive attacks.
  • Pillbug Gunner call for Hunker Down mode comes when additional Armor Piercing and Damage is necessary.
Cover Fire. Worm covering fire for Pillbug to set up its guns, Pillbug then covers up for Worm as it advances to new ground; this explosive Duo defines "Hold Ground" to its truest intent. Pillbug Gunner on maximum Take Aim buff provides all the coverage Worm Grenadier needs to position itself to launch salvos of Sticky Bombs from afar to Objective Point, Turret or Food Stack alike. All the while Firecrackers rain from the sky...

Ladybug Fencer & Roach KnightEdit

Specialty: Versatility
Considerations: Ladybug Fencer: Amulet of Razor, Serrated Edges, Speed Scroll, Vampiric Scroll

Roach Knight: Knight's Sigil, Honor Badge, Speed Scroll, Vampiric Scroll

Upgrades: Defense: Plated Armor Lv3, Defense: Melee Warrior Defense Lv3, Utility: Adept Lv3

  • Ladybug Fencer Engarde allows closing the distance with ranged foes safely.
  • Ladybug Fencer Lunge is a powerful move that can take out retreating foe(s) or to break out of any dire situations.
  • Ladybug Fencer Pinpoint initiates focused effort to take out a single key target.
  • Ladybug Fencer ingame Armor Purchase increases Speed.
  • Roach Knight Hungry Strike is an extremely potent skill that can end all threats swiftly.
  • Roach Knight Scurry is an excellent exploring skill or for that "Last Hit" on an escaping target.
  • Roach Knight high Speed is great for chasing down key targets that are retreating from a fight.
  • Roach Knight ingame Weapon Purchase increases Armor Piercing.
This Duo has the Speed, Armor, Armor Piercing and Damage from skills for an interesting orchestrated score. Ladybug Fencer moving in with Engarde and Lunge opens up for Pinpoint and Passive Debilitate to further stacks Armor Piercing defuff, then up comes Roach Knight on Scurry following up with Hungry Strike for the finale, hoping to bet on Passive Scavenger for food to Feast on. On retreat, Ladybug Fencer Riposte and Roach Knight Counter Strike will punish any pursuers. This Pair has the pack of tricks to tackle almost any situation with the proper play; they have the answer to almost any problem... at least until the next cooldown cycle...

Bumblebee Brawler & Crab Spider Shield BearerEdit

Specialty: Melee
Considerations: Bumblebee Brawler: Victory Medal, Vampiric Scroll of the Broken Foot, Critical Scroll of the Broken Foot, Stun Scroll of the Broken Foot.

Crab Spider Shield Bearer: Covering Shield, Repel Scroll of the Broken Foot, Magic Scroll of the Broken Foot, Magic Scroll of the Broken Sword.

Upgrades: Defense: Regeneration Lv2, Defense: Melee Warrior Defense Lv3

  • Bumblebee Brawler Survival Instincts can turn tables or provides resilient for Bumblebee Brawler to retreat behind Crab Spider Shield Bearer.
  • Bumblebee Brawler Breaker Punch buys time for Crab Spider Shield Bearer to move to a more favorable position.
  • Bumblebee Brawler high damage compounds nicely with Critical.
  • Crab Spider Shield Bearer Line Breaker gives Bumblebee Brawler breathing room to realize the full potential of its Passive Charge Attack.
  • Crab Spider Shield Bearer Shield Swipe disarmed the foe(s), making them perfect sitting ducks for Bumblebee Brawler to clean up.
  • Crab Spider Shield Bearer Shield Charge is an effective re-positioning move.
When Crab Spider Shield Bearer on Taunt is drawing all the heat with a well-positioned Line Breaker, a Berzerk Bumblebee Brawler is given free reign to buzz around to "Bump" any unfortunate foes in its destructive wake with Brawler activated, taking the heat away from Crab Spider Shield Bearer before it gets too hot to handle. Together, using swift positioning tag exchange, this Duo can take on almost anything Champion Style with their Anvil & Hammer maneuver.

Waterbug Pirate & Beetle WarriorEdit

Specialty: Stun
Considerations: Waterbug Pirate: Fishing Line, Barnacle Mines, Stun Scroll, Damage Scroll

Beetle Warrior: Stun Scroll, Health Scroll

Upgrades: Defense: Melee Warrior Defense Lv3

Nightmarish to all bug heroes within this duo effective assault distance, few has the chance to walk out unscathed. Effectively disabling multiple targets for extensive periods, it takes as much guts as luck to go up toe to toe with this pair of tough old bugs. Most will suffer a 'stunningly' death with no chance for retaliation...

Black Widow Assassin & Cicada CommandoEdit

Specialty: Stealth
Considerations: Black Widow Assassin: Assassin Hood, Vampiric Scroll of the Weakened Soul, Repel Scroll of the Weakened Soul, Stun Scroll of the Weakened Soul.

Cicada Commando: Striker Rounds, Piercing Scroll of the Broken Foot.

Upgrades: Offense & Defense

  • Black Widow Assassin on Shadow becomes an extremely efficient hunter with its ingame Weapon Purchases scaling its damage potential exponentially in Critical chance and damage.
  • Black Widow Assassin Ninja Smoke is both an powerful escaping tool and intercepting move to save an ally.
  • Black Widow Assassin Passive Assassinate and Assassin Cut is effective for cutting down retreating target(s).
  • Black Widow Assassin Spider Web Speed and Armor debuff allows Cicada Commando Grenades to work extremely well on armored target(s).
  • Cicada Commando initiating with high Damage first strike and Commando Strike away for Black Widow Assassin to take on the damaged target; meanwhile looking for another opportunity to get another attack in.
  • Traps are immediately active and make excellent parameter defense or cutting off retreat route.
  • C4 Explosive takes a while to stealth (to begin countdown) and can be targetted.
  • Cicada Commando Passive Stealth next attack can be controlled with Grenades throwing view.
Stealth Operatives. This pair dishes out "Sudden Death" before the target can lift a finger; otherwise Black Widow Assassin is capable of performing harressing distractions and quickly remove key threats when allowed to; and Cicada Commando is formidable against Objective Points and Food Stack Turrets; rolling out nerve-wacking hard-hitting gurellia hit-and-runs; rendering the enemy Food Stack defenseless... and leaving enemy Bug Heroes at base vulnerable to Black Widow Assassin assassination...

Slug Electrican & Stinkbug Chemical ExpertEdit

Specialty: Armor Piercing
Requisite: Upgrades: Offense: Bigger Clips Lv3, Defense: Ranged Warrior Defense Lv3
Considerations: Slug Electrican: Speed Scroll, Stun Scroll

Stinkbug Chemical Expert: Speed Scroll, Health Scroll

  • Slug Electrican Electro Fence denies territory, or against foes making a bee dive advance.
  • Slug Electrican Black Hole is a good way to deliver Stinkbug Chemical Expert's Poison Bomb.
  • Slug Electrican Conductor can be discharged when Battery Discharge is activated.
  • Stinkbug Chemical Toxic Ooze denies area, or for covering a retreat.
  • Stinkbug Chemical Expert Poison Shells is extremely effective against creeps.
  • Stinkbug Chemical Expert Cyanide Blast is extremely effective against bug heroes and tough creeps.
These 2 high-tech Bug Heroes got the thrills; Stinkbug Chemical Expert filled the area with toxic waste while Slug Electrican melts everything away with electricity. With properly placed skills, this Duo has the chemistry to vaporize or liquefies anything that comes their way.

Aphid Sensei & Moth EnchantressEdit

Specialty: Support
Requisite: Upgrades: Utility: Adept Lv3
Considerations: Aphid Sensei: Vampiric Scroll.

Moth Enchantress: Speed Scroll, Stun Scroll, Magic Scroll of the Broken Foot, Magic Scroll of the Broken Sword.

  • Aphid Sensei lost HP can be consistently healed with Moth Enchantress Passive Heal and by Greater Heal.
  • Aphid Sensei with Martyrdom activated, can engage in combat in relative safety within Moth Enchantress Aura of Light.
  • Aphid Sensei attacks damage can be further amplified with Moth Enchantress equipping Magic Power and Spellbook.
  • Moth Enchantress upkeeps Aphid Sensei Martyrdom indefinitely so long in combat.
  • Moth Enchantress Aura of Light further complements Aphid Sensei Martyrdom damage reduction; Moth Enchantress Aura of Light damage reduction for ALL sources of damage, including Aphid Sensei self-damage skills, while Aphid Sensei Martyrdom damage reduction from enemy bugs only.
  • Moth Enchantress disruptive attacks ease Aphid Sensei during Combat Medication.
This is a graceful pair that spells Zen. Moth Enchantress Aura of Light platformed Aphid Sensei to frequently, and later constantly, executes its Self Sacrifice buffed Chi Slash wave upon waves from afar; Moth Enchantress Mana Shield protects Aphid Sensei after a Chi Slash move. Should the foe reacts, Moth Enchantress Silence promises a safe retreat, or allows Aphid Sensei to grant a graceful silence demise with ease.

Last Updated: May 11th, 2014