Max HP: 810 (at Mastery Level 1)
Damage: 32
Armor Piercing: 25
Light Armor: 15
Heavy armor: 20
Classes: Damage, Melee, Tank

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Hamster AbilitiesEdit

Battle Frenzy (Passive) - Levels up with Mastery Levels.

For every second Hamster is in combat (hitting an enemy or getting hit every 3s), he gets +5% damage. (Mastery Level 1)

Hamster Uppercut (Active)

Uppercut enemies in front of Hamster for 135 damage and knock them very far away. The force of enemies landing will cause additional damage when they hit the ground.

Hamster Throw (Active)

Grabs and throws an enemy towards target location, dealing damage to units in it's path. Each unit hit damages the thrown enemy by 29. Cooldown is based on the max health of the unit thrown.

Fear (Active)

All nearby enemies are frozen in fear for 4.5 seconds Enemies will take 72.5% more damage while scared.

Wrecking Ball (Active)

Hamster becomes immune to damage and gets +2 speed. Any enemy he touches gets knocked and takes 7 damage. Hamster cannot attack while Wrecking Ball is active.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Bruiser Band - 500 Gold

Gives a 25% chance to knockback large groups of enemies.

Siege Gauntlet - 500 Gold

Gives a 25% chance to do 1.5x damage to buildings.

Rending Claw - 750 Gold

Gives a 15% chance to pierce 75 armor.

Weapons and ArmorEdit

Claws (Tier 1) - 500 Gold

Sharp claws with increased damage.

Big Claws (Tier 2) - 1,000 Gold

Bigger Claws (Tier 3) - 1,500 Gold

Hamster Claws (Tier 4) - 2,000 Gold

Light Armor (Tier 1) - 350 Gold

Increased light armor and max health.

Heavy Armor (Tier 2) - 500 Gold

Hamster Armor (Tier 3) - 750 Gold

God Armor (Tier 4) - 1,000 Gold

Quotes Edit

When selected:

  • "Behold.......greatness."
  • "I'm a god amongst bugs."
  • "Yes, it is true. Even the Man Gods cannot contain me."

Slain Enemy:

  • "That was a good death"
  • "You are no match for me"
  • "You came across the wrong Hamster"