Garden Beetle
Max HP: 150 + 5/lvl
Damage: 4 - 9
Armor Piercing: 50
Light Armor: 15
Heavy armor: 5
Classes: Turret Defense Only Hero, Ranged

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Hero DescriptionEdit

The newest hero, he can only be used in the new mode, Turret Defense.  I find his abilities to be largely recycled, with abilities from Ant and Toy Robot.  However, that is not to say that his abilities are useless.  I do not enjoy playing as him, but I don't believe there is any other hero who would be as truly effective at the only game mode you can play as him in.  His weapon is quite possibly the most efficient gun in the game.  He is easily overwhelmed but also can easily overwhlem his enemies.  My verdict of Garden Beetle is he is not the most creatively conceived hero, but he is far from the most weak.

Posted by Dragonman30


Power UP (Passive) - Levels up with Mastery Levels.

Power ups last 10/13/16/19/22s.

Power Shot (Active)

Shoots a long ranged plasma blast that cuts through enemies, dealing (43/81/119/157/193) + normal damage damage.

Stun Blast (Active)

Stuns enemies in an area for 5/8/11/14/17s.

Slow Fence (Active)

Place an electric barrier between Garden Beetle and a location for 10/13/16/19/22s, damaging and slowing enemies by 50/60/70/80/90% as they pass through.

Teleport (Active)

Instantly teleport to a location, disrupting nearby enemies and stunning them for 2/3/4/5/6s.

Strategies Edit

Garden Beetle is a jack of all trades kind of hero. with med/low HP and armor he and average speed. He has a fairly high DPS with a fast attack rate and reload.

My to strategies would be using damage and critical scrolls. Ideally use

Damage scroll (+15% Damage)

Damage scroll of the Broken Foot (+35% Damage -15% Speed)

Damage scroll of the Broken Heart (+35%Damage -25% Max HP)

Critical scroll of the Broken Foot (+15% chance to do +85% damage -15% Speed)

Critical scroll of the Broken Heart (+15% chance to do +85% damage -25% Max HP)

using this give you an average of X 2.7935 Damage

As you level up in game your damage will increase allowing you to more quickly deal with large bugs.

With this build you will have really high DPS, however you are slow and have low HP and armor. Use your teleport as much as you can to move around the map and evade incoming damage. To avoid damage from some bugs it may be a good idea to stun them first then attack as some bugs can easily one hit you, however most bugs just go for your food stash.

Light bulb seems to be the best tower for TD Campaign, it can wear and tear large groups of enemies making it a little easier to clean up, however in no way can you rely on them on higher levels as every towers dps is far too low. You will have to be attacking constantly and protecting your base. Think of your towers as only bonus damage.

posted by - Mrmistter