Enemies Edit

In Bug Heroes 2 you will be fighting enemies of course. This page will show them all.

Fleas Edit

The Fleas are a type of enemy you face in Bug Heroes 2. I have discovered 10 different fleas.

Flea Edit

Hp: 35

Damage: 8

Armor Piercing: 0

Light Armor: 0

Heavy Armor: 0

Description: Individually weak fighters, Fleas usually come in large hordes that make them tough to take down without area of effect or crowd control abilities. They are fast and can charge into combat, making them difficult to run from.

My thought: These little bastards are no problem normally. But when you are low hp, and these bastards are active, you are pretty much doomed. However, if you spot them from a range, try and run to your base and let the turrets do the hard work. They provide the most safety.

Flea Shielder Edit

Hp: OVER9000

Damage: 0

Armor Piercing: 0

Light Armor: 50

Heavy Armor: 35

Description: A standard Flea equipped with a shield, offering them additional light armor.

My thought: Exactly the same as the normal Flea, but even more annoying if you do not have any armor piercing.

Flea Elite Edit

Hp: 75

Damage: 15

Armor Piercing: 0

Light Armor: 50

Heavy Armor: 75

Description: An elite flea with heavy armour and a sword. Having proven themselves through countless battles, flea elites are formidable foes in combat and can even pierce