"Show some color!"

All banners cost 50 gems.

Red Banner 

(Free with any Banner Gem purchase!)

Blue Banner

Green Banner

Purple Banner

White Banner

Black Banner



(These do not apply in Multiplayer and do not allow you to post your scores in Single Player.)

Exploder Gem - 100 Gems

Explode on death, killing everything on the map! (Deals 999 damage to all enemies, including enemy turrets. Can not kill spinning hungry bugs or bugs with over 999 hp)

Gold Gem - 150 Gems

Start with 10,000 gold!

Junk Gem - 250 Gems

Start with 5,000 spare parts!

Snail Gem - 300 Gems

Start with a pet War Snail!

God Gem - 350 Gems

Increases health (x2) and damage (x1.5)!

Ability Gem - 350 Gems

All abilities recharge much faster! (Additionally the hero's abilities are all upgraded to level 1 at the start of the game. If the game mode already has all the abilities upgraded to level 1, the gem would still upgrade each ability, thus starting the game with each ability at level 2)


(These apply to Multiplayer and Single Player, but do not throw off competitive balance for high-end players as they only speed up progression, with no permanent advantages.)

Scroll Gem - 350 Gems

Have a chance to find a Scroll after games!

Master's Gem - 500 Gems

Doubles mastery XP earned!

Star Gem - 500 Gems

Earn 2 extra Stars after every Endless game (6+ rounds) and mission completed!