Opiniated advice and hero pages

When you publish subjective/opiniated info (single player guides, strategy advice, hero builds and application, etc), remember to tag your posts in order to clearly indicate a personal opinion. (As always, this is best done through a dash (-) followed by four tilde (~), which will automatically insert a link to your user.)

The same goes for any edits made to opiniated info already posted by another payer. (Ideally, we should not make edits to another player's guide, but if you just want to insert a few words worth of opinion, put it in parenthesis and tagged, much like an editor of a newspaper comments on a column or opinion piece.)

This is especially relevant on the individual hero pages for the bugs. Currently, quite a few of them read more like message board posts or subjective strategy guides, with a smattering of advice, scattered impressions and highly personal opinions. Tag anything that is not statistics or official posts by Foursaken in the manner described above, and even then, keep such strategy guides and advice to specific sections of the hero pages (normally called "Player description and analysis", "Guides & Strategy", etc).