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• 8/4/2014

How about we talk about this

Why the hell do most of the enemies have insane armor piercing and/or armor. But if a heroe has armor or armor piercing its a rarity and makes that heroe awesome
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• 8/5/2014

I know what you mean , the enemies can actually get pretty unfair throughout the game , like at some point , 2 War Snails may spawn in , but keep in mind that their AI is something to be talked about , the only thing they go after are : Turrets , Food Stash , Yourself and other allies . But you get to move around , so it really takes some dodging or tanking , at co-op round 19 , the enemy gets a hecka lot harder , but me and my friend were able to tank through it , I dealt with the siege cannons while he kept the others at bay , so Bug Heroes is all about strategy , like how a 20000 Troop army defeated a 3000000 Troop army

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